Why S.E. Asia is the new frontier in technology

great wall of chinaI’ve just finished my last piece for V3, a carefully worded opinion article detailing why IT managers need to gain a better understanding of  the Asian technology space.

I’ve been focusing more and more on this part of the world in the past few months, in preparation for my imminent departure to Hong Kong, and what has become clear is that South East Asia, with China at its heart, is set to drive technology innovation over the next 50 years.

The reasons?

  • The economy is booming. Even in Japan, which has had its fair share of problems, GDP is expected to be higher than the UK this year. As such UK-based IT managers and C IOs in global companies may find themselves having to support expansion into these lucrative markets.
  • The region produces most of the world’s silicon wafers, essential for the production of the computer chips.
  • Established technology giants including Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and LG, and up and coming firms such as HTC and Huawei are all headquartered in the region.
  • These firms are increasingly looking to sell into the UK and western markets.
The smart IT leader looking to make their name and get on in their career could do worse than getting familiar with all things Asian and tech.