Cloud computing not for everyone

cloudJust got off the phone after a conversation with Dilbagh Virdee, an IT manager at Lord’s cricket ground, which threw up some rather interesting insights about the disconnect between vendors/analysts/journalists and the actual customers.

Ostensibly we were there to talk about his implementation of Trend Micro’s Enterprise Security Suite – which went very well by the way, thanks for asking. What soon became clear though is that some companies are just not jumping on board with the whole cloud computing thing.

Now, Virdee said that Lord’s, despite being the home of cricket and one of the world’s most famous sporting grounds, is not actually all that different to manage than any other organisation. If anything, he said, the single site set-up makes it more straightforward to manage than many organisations which have to deal with clusters of Exchange servers, WANs and the rest over multiple locations.

Just an average company then, but not a huge desire to go cloud, he said:

“I don’t know if we want to go to the cloud. It has been around for many years and all that’s happened is it has been rebranded. Unless we feel it’s the right fit we’ll be leaving it alone.”

Now I’m not saying Virdee is representative here, and in fact maybe this conversation stood out in my mind by virtue of its being so unusual, but it is interesting what you hear when you speak to real IT practitioners.

While vendors, analysts and journalists seem intent on hyping up the cloud to the max, most IT managers are taking a rightly more pragmatic approach. Virdee is absolutely correct to be cautious about jumping on board the cloud bandwagon, whether he’s thinking public, private or hybrid.

As with all new technologies – and as he alluded, there is a case for saying that the cloud is more of a new marketing term than a new technology platform – the key is to do your due diligence, ask the right questions then take stock.

Knowing the right questions to ask, of course, can be the tricky bit.


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